Friday, 22 February 2008

Review Number One - Cutty Grass Track

Walk: Cutty Grass Track - Waitakere Ranges.
Weather: Wet and windy.
Track Condition: Quite flooded in some places but the ground looked as though it had been very dry over the summer months.
Difficulty: Easy in dry conditions but moderate in wet.
Access: We entered from the Scenic Drive end, north of the Piha turnoff. As we did not make it to the other end of the tramp because of time constraints I do not know what the Anawhata Rd end is like.
Loop or Return: Return

Comments: Nice tramp but wouldn't recommend for winter. The sign at the start says that it is 1/2 hour to Anawhata Rd but at the turnoff to another track a good way into the tramp it says 3/4 of an hour so allow plenty of time.